Hincapie George Signature Alpe Jacket


  • Windproof/Waterproof, breathable, 4-way stretch Alpe softshell fabric
  • Fleece lined interior for extra warmth
  • Off-center Comfort-Zip top with internal draft flap
  • Brushed inside collar with chin guard zipper
  • 2 front hand warmer pockets
  • 2 rear pockets with internal pump holder
  • George Signature Jacquard Elastic and Gel-Grip waist keeps jacket in place
  • Reflective trims front and back for improved low light visibility

The Hincapie George Signature Alpe Jacket is a cold weather protection in a softshell jacket.

Beautifully made jacket with great styling.  Fabric is awesome.  I love the soft shell material with stretch, wind proof properties and water resistance.

I really like the styling, the overall look is great.  The only thing I would change is the number of signatures on the jacket.  A buddy was riding behind me and said “it looks like George has quite an ego – there are FOUR autographs on the back of the jacket!”  He was counting the big signature on the top and the 3-4 signatures that run across the bottom on the elastic.  I agree with him.  It’s a bit much, especially the huge signature in the middle of the back.  That said, I am not letting that small thing get in the way of the fact that I still think the jacket looks great.  It’s got good clean lines and I think it looks really sharp.

Overall, I am really pleased with the feel.  I like the soft fleece on the inside and the smooth soft shell on the exterior.  As far as fit goes, the jacket is a bit too loose in body for me, but I am tall (6’ 4”) with long arms but I am thin (178 lbs).  I ordered an XL because I did not think the sleeves would be long enough if I got a large.  When I got the XL, the sleeve length was perfect, but it was slightly baggy in the body.  A friend who got the same jacket in XL loved the fit, but he’s got a bigger mid-section than I am.  If I were to design a perfect jacket for me, I’d make the cut a little smaller/narrower in the body, but I am OK with the way the jacket fits me. One thing I would have liked to have seen on this jacket was some mechanism to cinch the cuffs closed at the wrist.  Again, since I’m fairly thin, the cuffs at the wrist are a bit loose, and as a result, some wind sneaks up the cuffs when I’m riding and makes my arms a little cold.  Maybe a Velcro closure would be good on the cuffs.  One item that I found to be a distraction is the air pump strap in the back pocket.  I found that the strap got in my way when I was trying to get my food out of that pocket – especially since I was wearing gloves.  I don’t carry a pump with me when I ride, so I don’t need the pump strap.  Perhaps Hincapie could provide an option so the strap can be velcro’d in and out of the pocket so those who need it can leave it in and those who don’t carry a pump can take it out.

Appropriate value for the money. I think this cycling jacket is fairly priced for what it is.

I’m very happy with the purchase – I really like the jacket and think it’s well made.  I think it will be durable and long lasting.  The styling will stay current and not look dated next season.

ELITE. I  ranked it just below Pro status mainly because of the cuffs.  I would really like to be able to cinch them closed when I ride.

To learn more about the Hincapie George Signature Alpe Jacket head over to Classic Cycling.

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