Tifosi Optics

Tifosi Optics manufacturers a full range of sunglasses that will have you looking your best at the local game or performing your best while tackling your favorite bicycle climb.  Over the last few years Tifosi Optics has gained a loyal following for their economical featured packed sunglasses.  When compared to other large brands out there you get the same features and from our experience a better warranty as well as construction for 70% less.  In recent years Tifosi has taken over the cycling market with over 26% of all glasses sold at cycling stores and outlets while achieving over 47% in running the market.  This success is hard earned and well deserved.

With well over a hundred combinations of frames, colors and lenses you will find what you need.  When browsing our Tifosi products you will find a wide varitey of lense styles and lense colors such as the light adjusting Fototec lenses, the Photochromic (Polarized), the Photochromic Fototec combination lense as well as a varitey of Interchangeable lenses.

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