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Kask Vertigo

The Kask Vertigo is not only one of the best looking helmets in the Pro Peloton but by far the best fitting.  The thing we like the most about the Vertigo is the fit.  When you try on the Vertigo you instantly feel the quality and fit but it truly shines when you dial in the adjustment system on the back of the helmet.  What make the Vertigos and for that matter all of Kask helmets adjustment system unique is that it has two pivot points on it so instead of the strap being stuck at that awkward spot on the back of your head you can now raise or lower it to find the perfect fit. 

Well you know my feeling regarding the fit but the styling of the helmet can not be denied either.  This is simply one of the best looking helmets on any cyclists head.  Sometimes it baffles my mind at how good some companies are at styling while others simply never get it.  Well when you take a good look at the Vertigo or for that matter even a quick glance when your competition goes flying by you will know what good styling looks like with the Vertigo.  When you want the best fit possible, paired with fantastic styling and 100% made in Italy quality there is only one choice, the Kask Vertigo.

When you need to look "Pro Tour"  the Kask Veritgo will have you looking every bit as fast Team Sky.  Once you hold this helmet the quality is obvious and once you try it on we think you will agree that it is the best helmet on the market.   Available in 7 colors we are sure you will find one that works for you.

The KASK Vertigo is the choice of pro-cycling Team Sky. It is a top of the line helmet that offers unsurpassed fit and comfort, with Italian styling and Italian manufacturing, which incorporates a number of unique design features that make it stand out from the rest. One of the safest, best fitting and most stylish range of cycling helmets available globally. The all-Italian-made KASK helmets are the choice of Team Sky, where no secret is made of the fact that every element has been selected to deliver a winning advantage for the team.

The superior quality of the KASK styling and workmanship that has gone into these helmets is evident in the overall finish and attention to detail in every feature. In particular, the helmet incorporates a unique hinged adjustment system that allows for both size and up/down adjustment, which together comfortably cradle the nape of the neck. The helmet size can be adjusted using either the dial or finger push system. This system also includes ventilated, non-stick pads. Working together, these features give the helmet a superior fit and deliver a feeling of improved security that is quite unlike any other helmet.

Unsurpassed ventilation is achieved by means of 24 large air vents, a design feature made possible by the reinforced helmet frame - all delivered without any compromise to the safety or aerodynamic qualities of the helmet. Hygiene is also well thought through and each helmet has an easy-clean leatherette chin strap. The internal pads are made from KASK’s 3D Dry system which draws perspiration away from the head and these pads are removable and washable.

Nylon thermo fixed straps, have soft lateral spacers where these straps are in contact with the skin, giving excellent ventilation and comfort and there is a quick release buckle. On top of this, KASK has gone beyond the usual minimal consideration of visibility. In addition to the standard reflector stickers on the back, each helmet has reflective strips on every strap. 

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