Giordana FR-C Bibshorts SALE – The Pros Choice

Pro cyclists are pretty serious about their  gear – and the Giordana FR-C Bibshorts are always at the top of the list.  Giordana’s most popular bibshort is the bib of choice for both the Astana and Orica cycling teams in the 2017 seasons.   It’s designed with compression fit in mind, and the benefit

The multiple award-winning FR-C bibs never disappoint.

The multiple award-winning FR-C bibs never disappoint.

there is increased performance and less fatigue.  The totally redesigned upper straps keep everything comfortably in place without cutting into the shoulder, while the 7 cm leg grippers keep the leg from creeping up during hard efforts.  And did we

Specially designed strap uppers ensure total comfort.

Specially designed strap uppers ensure total comfort.

mention the top of the line Omni Form chamois?  Yeah, it’s got that too.  Want to see why these Giordana’s FR-C Bibshorts are the winners of multiple awards?  Check out the entire FR-C lineup here.


The All-New Classic Race Bag Has It All

Admit it.  You’ve been guilty of emptying your entire gym bag onto the ground looking for that one wayward arm warmer.  You can picture it – all your ride gear strewn all around for the world to see, and once you’ve found what you’re looking for, let’s hope you get all of the pieces stuffed back in when you’re done without losing anything.  We’ve all been there.  But not anymore.

The Classic Race Bag will get your organized like never before

The Classic Race Bag will get your organized like never before

At Classic, we’ve developed our all-new Race Bag to solve all those packing problems, and to do it with style and confidence that you’ve got everything you need.  Designed to keep all you gear organized for quick and clean access, our new bag has enough room in the main compartment for bibs, jerseys, and other clothing, plus your helmet.  The smaller zippered top compartment is perfect for smaller items like gloves, glasses, and food, while the bottom compartment is completely separate to store your shoes away from the rest of your gear, protecting it from dirt and grime.

Want to see the bag in action?  Visit our Instagram page and check out how we pack it here

Ready to buy?  You can get your own Race Bag for just $79 here:

Nalini Roadman Bibshorts Are Tops In Our Book

Bibshorts can be the most important thing there is when it comes to comfort on the bike.  But there are so many options and price points out there, it’s hard to really know what makes for the best bibshort choice.  It really comes down to just a few key elements, and we’ll break them down for you here on some of todays top choices.


Nalini’s Roadman gets top marks in our road tests. Look left and read why.

Today we’ll take a look at the Nalini Road Man Bib.  At $239 retail, this bib is considered to be in the high-end category, and we find that the Road Man is really well worth the investment.  We looked at seven different elements, and the Nalini Road Man earns five stars in five of those categories.  Here’s what we think:

Uppers (★★★★★) – These uppers are completely seamless and cut from a single piece of material.  This keeps the straps laying flat with no bunching or cutting into the skin.  They’re so comfortable, they might just be our favorite of all 2017 options out there.

Chamois (★★★★) – Nalini developed their chamois years ago to make cycling pros happy, and they succeeded.  This is a tried and true pad that won’t disappoint, even after hours in the saddle.

Leg Grippers (★★★★) – Nalini uses some of the newest cycling technology to give riders a leg gripper that keeps the short in place without riding up by using a simple silicon tape on the inside of the leg panel.

Materials (★★★★★) – The Road Man uses a variety of Lycra types that look and feel great on the skin.  The center panel uses a textured Lycra that gives superior abrasion resistance.   The bib uses a combination of welded and flat-lock seams for comfort and strength.

Short Panel Fit (★★★★★) – Normally, we find that Nalini products run small, but in testing, we found these bibs to run completely true to size.

Upper Fit (★★★★★) – These things fit extremely well.  There’s nothing really more to say.

Sizing Accuracy (★★★★★) – Nailing down a right size is hard to do in the cycling world, but we find that when you reference Nalini’s sizing charts (you can see it here) you’ll get the exact right fit.

As size experts, we’ve tested every pair of bibshorts we sell, and we are confident that an investment in the Nalini Road Man Bibshorts will be one you’ll be happy you’ve made.  Want some?  You can get them here, or you can shop from all of Nalini’s great bibshort options.

Nalini Combi Jacket Nails It

I think I found my dream jacket.  And, it has short sleeves.  Yes, you read that right, the Nalini Combi jacket has short sleeves, and it’s the best winter jacket I’ve ever worn.  Let me tell you why you’re going to love a short sleeve jacket for your winter riding needs.  First, it’s water resistant.  And that’s not just lip service.  This jacket does an incredible job at

Water rolls right off the Nalini Nanodry fabric

Water rolls right off the Nalini Nanodry fabric

repelling water away from the body.  It literally pours right off.  Second, it’s winter weight and windproof, so there’s no getting cold along the way.  Third, and most importantly, it’s versatile.  The concept of a short sleeve winter jacket doesn’t make any sense until you consider using it with the right arm warmers.  When you pair the two, you can be ready for anything.  Cold?  Layer up the warmers.  Starting to heat up?  Shed a layer without sacrificing warmth on the torso.  The versatility of the Nalini Combi is evident on so many fronts, you really won’t believe you’ve ever wasted so much money on a long sleeved jacket.  Oh, and fourth, Nalini throws in their Nanodry arm warmers to truly make this jacket a dream come true.  And the best part?  Right now, you can get the Nalini Combi jacket for just $149.  That’s a $178 savings.  Did we mention they nailed it?

Pack Smarter with the Castelli Race Rain Bag

Let’s be real, everyone knows how to pack a bag.  Unzip the top, toss in some bibs, jersey, helmet, shoes, maybe some socks, a base layer.  And, let’s be honest, that has always worked well, and still does.  But as simple as the packing part goes, the unpacking is a totally different story.  You dig around blindly to put your hands on what you need.  You find your cleat digging a hole in your jersey.  And the socks?  Good luck with finding those in the abyss of that bag.

That’s where the all-new Castelli Race Rain bag comes in.  Specifically designed for pro’s, it’s focus is on the packing AND the unpacking.   Full of separated and individually zippered pouches, you’ll find a place for every piece of gear you’ll need on a ride.  The flip-open top pockets provide easy access to their contents while allowing full view of the compartments below.  The vented shoe compartment can be removed entirely or attached to the bottom of this ultra-compact bag.

We highly recommend giving this bag a shot.  We’re pretty sure once you do, that other bag will be a thing of your race-day past.

What It Means To Be A Le Col Brand Ambassador

We’re looking for twenty five Brand Ambassadors to help us spread the word about how great the Le Col brand really is.  It’s an Italian-made brand whose technical styling will blow riders away, but they don’t know that yet.  So that’s where you come in.  For a limited time and for a limited number of people, we’re offering both the Le Col Pro Collection and the Le Col HC Collection at 70% off their retail price.  That means you can get a full Italian-made kit with tons of cutting edge technology that would usually cost $540 for just $162!

Le Col brings high quality Italian-made styling that exceeds expectations.

Le Col brings high quality Italian-made styling that exceeds expectations.

Pretty sweet deal, so you might be thinking what’s the catch?  There’s no catch, really.  All we want to do it get some people into these high-quality but little known kits to see what they think.  In fact, we’d love it if you’d spread the word about how awesome they are (and yes, we feel 100% confident they’ll quickly become your favorites).  And, if you do, we’ll give you a $25 Classic Cycling gift card for every five posts you share about the Le Col brand on our social media outlets (we’re on Facebook and Instagram), as well as Le Col’s.  So, you get the Le Col kit at a smoking deal, and you can continue to earn up to $75 in gift cards you can use on any future purchase.

So how do you get in on this deal?  Easy.  Just be one of the first twenty five people to buy a complete Le Col kit from either the Pro or HC Collections.  When you put one pair of Le Col bibs and one Le Col jersey from either of these collections, just use the coupons below at checkout, and you’ll see the the prices come down 70%.   After that, just like us on Facebook and Instagram, get out there and ride the kit, and share with us what you think.  It’s that simple.

LECOLPROAM – Coupon code to use when selecting from the Le Col Pro Collection.  You can click here to see it.

LECOLHCAM – Coupon code to use when selecting from the Le Col HC Collection.  You can click here to see it.

A deal this good has to have fine print.  So, here it is:

1.  Classic Cycling gift cards are limited to 3 per customer.  They cannot be combined.  You can only get one gift card per month.  The last month to qualify for gift cards is August.  To qualify for a gift card you must post 5 posts with Le Col products and tag Classic Cycling and Le Col on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, Classic Cycling, Le Col.  Once you have made 5 post please send us the posts for us to verify and we will issue the gift card.  The gift card must be used on Le Col tops or bottoms.  It will not work on socks or accessories and can not be used on non-Le Col merchandise.  Minimum purchase to use the gift card is $50.00.  Gift card balances do not carry forward.  When you want to use the card it is best to use it all at one time.  Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and are at the sole discretion of Classic Cycling.

The Best Bibs We’ve Got Under $100

There’s a secret lurking around on our website.  It’s a brand that it’s pretty safe to assume you don’t know that much about.   It’s Biemme, and they’ve got some of the best shorts we’ve ever worn. – the Specialine Bibshorts.   Here’s why.

Specialine Chamois

The Biemme X09 chamois offers superior comfort with less bulk.

First, the chamois.  The X09 pad pays careful attention to technical design.  Its anatomical shape cuts the bulk, and the central grooves reduce pressure in the saddle for maximum comfort and fit.  It’s also breathable, which seriously cuts down the friction by keeping you dry.


Cover stitching keeps seams nearly flat against the skin.

Cover stitching keeps seams nearly flat against the skin.

Second, the construction.  The bib has 10-panel construction, allowing for smooth movement and overall comfort.   There’s compression where you need it, and the use of cover stitching keeps the garment comfortable against the skin.  With wide straps that don’t roll and jacquard elastic leg grippers that are lined with silicon “studs” to keep everything comfortably in place, the overall construction of these Italian-made bibs are truly impressive.


Silicon “studs” along the grippers keep the bibshort comfortably in place on both skin or warmers.

Third, the price.   Regularly priced, they’re under $100.  And that’s cool enough, but what’s even better is that these bibs have the same technical details and high-quality construction that some of the $300+ bibs on the market have.

Fourth, they’re on sale.   Right now, you can get Biemme’s Specialine Bibshorts for 20% off when you use coupon code “Biemme2016” at checkout.  Oh yeah, and the coupon works for all the other equally awesome 2016 Biemme lineup.  Time to start shopping.

What’s Under Your Jersey?

If your answer is “nothing”, then you’re doing it all wrong.  When it comes to beating the heat, a base layer can be one of a riders greatest assets on the bike.  Designed with various fabrics and technologies from almost every manufacturer, a base layer is one of the most important garments that a cyclist can own.  At their core, they provide a second skin between your own and the fabric of the jersey.  Sounds like that may increase the heat, but instead it creates a layer that works to wick the sweat away from the skin and up onto the jersey where it can evaporate quickly.

If a good base layer isn’t in your lineup, we would highly suggest giving one a shot.  And we think the Giordana Seamless Short Sleeve Base Layer is an excellent place to start.  With a one size fits all sizing, the base layer is designed to stretch to fit the wearer so that the fit is truly second-skin perfect.  Light elastic at the cuffs and waist ensure that the base layer stays in place so that it’s wicking properties can do what they are designed to do.  When it comes out of the box, it may look a bit small, but trust us – the garment has a tremendous amount of stretch and the feel of the garment on is sure to please.   The Giordana Seamless Short Sleeve Base Layer is a great piece to add to your warm-weather riding gear, and right now, you can get it at 20% off retail price.  There’s no better time to try one out.



The Benefits Of Compression Cycling Gear

Thinking about getting into some compression cycling clothing?   It’s a good thing to be considering since the benefits are well worth the investment.  Fashioned after garments designed for diabetics with blood flow problems, compression cycling gear puts pressure on muscles to accelerate blood flow to the heart during hard efforts.  Many cyclists report less muscle fatigue and improved physical performance while using compression garments, and the quality of these garments is noticeably higher than their non-compression counterparts.   We’ll warn you, though, compression garments by design are very tight, so if that’s not your thing, you may want to consider other options.  But, if you can handle a second-skin feel, we think you’ll be impressed with the benefits compression cycling clothing has to offer.

Proprietary materials give the NX-G bibshorts Giordana's signature progressive gradual compression elements.

Proprietary materials give the NX-G bibshorts Giordana’s signature progressive gradual compression elements.

At Classic Cycling, we carry many brands that offer compression cycling clothing –Giordana’s new NX-G and EXO lines or Nalini’s Aeprolight line to name a few – and many at reduced prices.  So once you’ve decided to go for compression, come check us out at today.