Nalini Roadman Bibshorts Are Tops In Our Book

Bibshorts can be the most important thing there is when it comes to comfort on the bike.  But there are so many options and price points out there, it’s hard to really know what makes for the best bibshort choice.  It really comes down to just a few key elements, and we’ll break them down for you here on some of todays top choices.


Nalini’s Roadman gets top marks in our road tests. Look left and read why.

Today we’ll take a look at the Nalini Road Man Bib.  At $239 retail, this bib is considered to be in the high-end category, and we find that the Road Man is really well worth the investment.  We looked at seven different elements, and the Nalini Road Man earns five stars in five of those categories.  Here’s what we think:

Uppers (★★★★★) – These uppers are completely seamless and cut from a single piece of material.  This keeps the straps laying flat with no bunching or cutting into the skin.  They’re so comfortable, they might just be our favorite of all 2017 options out there.

Chamois (★★★★) – Nalini developed their chamois years ago to make cycling pros happy, and they succeeded.  This is a tried and true pad that won’t disappoint, even after hours in the saddle.

Leg Grippers (★★★★) – Nalini uses some of the newest cycling technology to give riders a leg gripper that keeps the short in place without riding up by using a simple silicon tape on the inside of the leg panel.

Materials (★★★★★) – The Road Man uses a variety of Lycra types that look and feel great on the skin.  The center panel uses a textured Lycra that gives superior abrasion resistance.   The bib uses a combination of welded and flat-lock seams for comfort and strength.

Short Panel Fit (★★★★★) – Normally, we find that Nalini products run small, but in testing, we found these bibs to run completely true to size.

Upper Fit (★★★★★) – These things fit extremely well.  There’s nothing really more to say.

Sizing Accuracy (★★★★★) – Nailing down a right size is hard to do in the cycling world, but we find that when you reference Nalini’s sizing charts (you can see it here) you’ll get the exact right fit.

As size experts, we’ve tested every pair of bibshorts we sell, and we are confident that an investment in the Nalini Road Man Bibshorts will be one you’ll be happy you’ve made.  Want some?  You can get them here, or you can shop from all of Nalini’s great bibshort options.