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MVP Rewards

Here's how the MVP Rewards Points works:

  • Step 1:
    Purchase a product from Classic Cycling LLC.
  • Step 2:
    A predetermined amount of the purchase price will automatically be credited to your account as pending store credit in the form of MVP points. Your MVP credit rewards points will be available for use after you recieve your initial order.*
  • Step 3:
    Spend your MVP points on your next order, or save them to use for a larger purchase.

* Certain items, such as Closeout, Discontinued items, Flash Sale, price matching, and select brands may not be eligible for MVP points. Products THAT ARE eligible for points will have points displayed beside the price.

More MVP Points Information And Policies

  • Classic Cycling LLC's MVP points program started on October 27th, 2014. Any purchases prior to this date are not eligible for MVP points.
  • Points can also be credited to an account to compensate a customer for returned items.
  • MVP points must be used at the time of purchase. Points must be applied during checkout. We can not apply points after the checkout process is complete.
  • MVP points are credited to your account for eligible products. For example, if you purchase an item for $60 and earn 6 MVP points, you can save $6 off your next order, if you choose to use them for that order. Basically you are getting a 10% store credit to use on future purchases.
  • MVP Points accumulated from previous orders can be used toward product purchases when you place an order. Each point will save you $1 on the order you apply them to. Points cannot be used to purchase gift certificates or against shipping charges.
  • If a product is marked Double MVP Points. You will receive double points on the purchase price, which is equal to a 20% credit.
  • The MVP points are calculated after discounts and or coupons are applied. For example, if you purchase an item for $20 and use a coupon code which provides a 10% discount ($2 off), you will receive 1.8 MVP points.
  • MVP points are earned only on products. Shipping charges and gift certificate purchases are not eligible.
  • In some cases Special Sales, Flash Sales, Closeout and Discontinued items may not be eligible for MVP points. MVP points are not available for price matching.
  • MVP points will not be available until after the product purchased has arrived at its final destination.
  • To accumulate MVP points you must create an account at, subscribe to our newsletter, and always login using the same email address for all purchases.
  • On the checkout page you must enter the number of points you want to use to apply them towards the purchase. Points can be saved for future purchases. If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact us.
  • MVP points will be deducted from your point balance for returned items. If you have already applied points that were earned from a previous purchase that you are returning, the value of these points will be deducted from your return credit. For example, if you purchased an item for $20, which earned 2 points, then applied these 2 points on a subsequent order saving $2.00. Later, you then decide to return the $20 item for a refund, you will only receive a refund of $18 (the original $20 minus the $2 saved on the subsequent order). If the points had not yet been used, you would receive the full refund and the points would be deducted from your account.
  • If you return an item that was purchased with points, we will credit your account with the points. The points are applied to your account first before any other payment method is considered for a return.
  • Unused MVP points will expire 18 months after your last order date.
  • If you receive a price match for an item points are not applicable for that item.
  • If you use Paypal Express or Checkout without an Account you will not get points. You must have an account at Classic Cycling LLC and login to accumulate points from purchases.
  • When you create an account to join our MVP Club, you'll also be added to our email newsletter list. The emails will includes a link to opt-out of future emails if you choose. We do not share your information or email address with other parties. There is no obligation to stay on our email list to stay an MVP Member but by staying on the list you receive special offers and discount codes exclusively for our MVP Members.
  • Classic Cycling LLC reserves the right to cancel points and or this program at any time.